VILLA comes from the first part of our family name, Villapando.  Villa also means house.  HAUS is the German spelling of house which is dedicated to where my parents in-law lived and fell in love. 6 is the number of people in our little family!

Hello my name is Princess Perez-Villapando.  I am a Stay-at-Home mum of 4 lovely children.  1 in University, a school-ager, and 2 toddlers, respectively.  With all my blessings I am most blessed to have a loving husband.  It never ceases to amaze me how well he handles 4 raging females in 1 small house! This man makes my heart sing...and it sings loud, and completely off key!!

As mother and wife to my top 5, I hope to provide a life filled with security and unconditional love.  An environment for my children to feel safe to dream big, to heal when they fall, to question lots and fear not the journey of life they want to lead.

In my spare time I enjoy vintage hunting, going to great outdoor flea/antique markets, eating pastry and most of all crafting.  I am almost if always creating "something", either it be for my home or simply something that will make my children smile!  Art either it be expressed through crafting, dancing, or music is therapeutic for me.  It is my "happy place".

::Although this is a family blog, I hope to eventually create a community for like minded people to visit and share thoughts, ideas, and life stories.  Cheers to sharing life's adventures, big successes, and epic fails.

Welcome to Villahaus6.com

Hope you enjoy your visit =)