Holiday Card Display

Looking for an easy way to display all your holiday cards you've received?!  Here's a great way to showcase the cute greetings you can look at!


  • a fallen branch (I found my in the backyard and removed the bark)
  • fishing line
  • mini clothes pins (Dollar Store)
  • greeting cards

Using the fishing line I hung the pictures in different levels to make the cards fill up the wall.  You can hang ornaments or mini Christmas art to give the display more interest!

Let it Snow Globes

 This easy and fun DIY dry snow globe is such a cute and quirky gift to give someone for Christmas.  Great to decorate any shelf, desk, or dresser for that added touch of Christmas happiness!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Empty jars (various sizes)
  • Ornaments
  • Glue gun
  • artificial snow (Dollar store)
  • small wooden blocks~Optional (Dollar store)
  • Ribbons
Glue ribbon around the mouth of the jar cover.  I covered the top of the lid with wrapping paper.  Glue the wooden block to add some height to the ornament!

Glue ribbon around the mouth of the jar cover.  I covered the top of the lid with wrapping paper.  Glue the wooden block to add some height to the ornament!

Super cute right!!

Super cute right!!

Fill your jar with your decorative can put more or less of the snow depending on how much of the ornament you want to cover, I just want to cover the entire bottom to hide the wooden block.

Fill your jar with your decorative can put more or less of the snow depending on how much of the ornament you want to cover, I just want to cover the entire bottom to hide the wooden block.

These ornaments were purchased at Canadian Tire for less than a dollar

These ornaments were purchased at Canadian Tire for less than a dollar

There you have it...a cute and sweet Christmas gift that would make any person smile!!

Halloween Spider Wreath

With Halloween coming up my kiddies have been starting to decorate our house with bat cut outs and drawings of witches and jack-o-lanterns.  So getting into the spirit I made a super cute spider wreath that I would like to share with you!  This is a very quick and easy project that you and your littles can enjoy doing together!  A bonus, it only cost me $15 to make!  Here's how...

For this Halloween project you will need:

  • a straw wreath ($7 Michael's Craft Store)
  • spider web threading ($1 Dollarstore)
  • black glittered spiders ($3 pack of 8 Michael's Craft Store)
  • wooden Halloween sign ($2.50 Michael's Craft Store)
  • any black craft paint
  • scissors and clear string (I use fishing line)

With your spider web threading, stretch and wrap it around your straw wreath as much as you'd like.  I like the look of being able to see the straw through the white webs.  Step back at times to see where you may want to and more webbing.

Once your done your little helper can now place your spiders on the wreath.  Instead of gluing the spiders onto the wreath, I tied them on with fishing line so I can snip them off if I want to reuse the wreath or spiders for another craft! (The small spider rings from the dollar store will look great as an alternative!)

While you're tying your spiders to the wreath your helper can start painting the wooden sign.  ~Honestly I was going to make my own sign with cardstock but an assortment of Halloween wooden signs were on sale at Michael's for 50% off!  I just couldn't resist =)

Since the black spiders are glittered, I decided to dust the wooden sign with glitter I had left over from another project. 

To add a pop of colour to the wreath I found red cellophane and glued it to the back.  It really helped bring out the details of the sign!

With fishing line I hung the sign so it would suspend in the middle of the wreath.  I also suspended a spider for more cuteness!

This project took me about 45mins total.

A fast and easy project to do with the kiddies!!  Hope you give this project a try!!

Fringed Easter Egg Wall Decorations

Having a house filled with sickies for the last 2wks and our family Easter celebration coming up this Sunday, I had to think of something quick and pretty for me to decorate the house with!

I wanted something cute and fun so since the kids will be having an Easter egg hunt at the house it only made sense to have decorated Easter eggs!  Me being the very indecisive one with what type of art to put on the wall has left me with some empty spaces to fill =)

Here I've made fringed Easter eggs wall decorations.  So fun, so cute and sOo easy!

FYI: I absolutely love fringe party decorations!  I fringe bunting flags, make mini piñatas (stay tuned for DIY on that!!) fringe table skirts and fringe signs!  Right now I'm gaga for fringe!

For this Easter project you need:  

  • Poster board
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Stencil or freehand draw different size egg shapes onto your poster board and cut them out.  Then you will cut 1 3/8" strips of tissue paper which you will cute fringes a little longer than have your strips.


Once you have a bunch of fringe strips ready.  You will glue them starting from the bottom of your egg and work yourself to the top.  Feel free to put different coloured fringes to create different styled eggs!  Once you've filled your egg cut out you will cut the excess paper around the shape. 



Super cute right!!  Here I've gathered a few eggs and taped them to the wall.  I used my cricut machine to cut out these sweet bunnies and the basket!  Easy peasy!!

Stay tuned for my Easter Sunday Celebration recap =)  HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL XO V6

Paper Flowers Pt.1

When I see hyacinth I think of Spring and the coming of Easter.  I love how fragrant hyacinths are.  The multiple dense flowers that bloom lengthwise down the stem makes one hyacinth seem like you're holding a small bouquet of flowers!

~I've been wanting to make paper hyacinths but could never figure out how to create the delicate frilliness until I found a vintage cookbook with directions on how to make those little white ruffles that go on the end of turkey legs!  FYI: I make terribly dry turkey legs...but their white ruffle cuffs are totally on point! LOL


You need:

  • scissors & tape
  • tissue paper -any colour
  • floral tape
  • straw
  • material for the leaves.  I used felt.

Cut 3 inch x 18 inch pieces of tissue paper.  Slightly crinkle the tissue paper.  Fold in half and cut fringes.


With your straw in one hand start to roll your cut up folded tissue paper around the straw starting at the top.

Continue rolling all the way down.  Cut out your leaves. I use scotch tape to tape the leaves to the straw.  Use the floral tape to secure the leaves to the straw and to give it a finish look.


VOILA!  There you have it. Tissue paper hyacinths!!  Aren't they cute!  They just make me smile =)

Ava did a pretty good job on her first try don't you think =)

Ava did a pretty good job on her first try don't you think =)

Tea Towel Printing Pt. 1

This is a wonderful project to do for your own home, as a house warming gift or as a thank you to a neighbor for that cup of milk you needed! LOL

You need:

  • tea towels (flat cotton or linen)
  • potatoes for stamping
  • fabric paint ~I use all purpose durable latex paint
  • cardboard to protect the surface you'll be working on
  • knife

Decide what shapes you want to stamp on to your towel.  This time I stuck to simple shapes like triangles, lines, and a circle.  You can get quite creative by using cookie cutters to make your shapes.

I placed some paint on a plate and used Q-tips to brush the paint onto my potato stamp. 

TIP: Pat your potato stamp dry on a paper towel. That way the paint will stick on to the potato.


I love how these triangles look imperfect...kinda like it was silk screened on.  If you want them to look more complete, make sure there is enough paint on your stamp and press a little harder. 


I made a few with colours that she can enjoy for Spring and Summer!


This gift is fun and so practical!  I'm sure she's going to love it =)



This project was inspired by the bright sunshine we received today!!  With it being "Freezing February" here in Canada, I am more than ready to inject some bright colours into this house.  The girls and I decided that a craft using bold colours is just what we needed to get us excited for the coming of Spring!

This String art we've done was most popularized in the late 60's as a decorative craft.  It is a fun and easy project you can do with the children.  Plus it's a great project that you can display in your home or give as a gift!

Since the girls will be helping me, I chose diamond shapes to make it easy for them to do. also means it won't need much nails for us to recognize the shape!  I am not the best at hammering nails~

Supplies you need:

  • Piece of plywood
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Stencils & tape
  • Paint & Brush
  • Embroidery string

Once we decided what image and text we were going to use, I printed out the diamond images, taped them to the plywood and then hammered the nails on each diamond point.

When I finished hammering the nails, I ripped the paper from underneath and started with the string.  I tied a knot around 1 nail and moved the string from one nail to the other wrapping the thread around the nail once in order to get nice taut lines.  Once the diamond image was recognizable I let the girls wrap the thread around the nails over and over until it looked "filled".  They did a pretty good job!!


We then used a stencil for our letters.  This was Ava's favourite part.  I didn't use the best type of stencil for this project but I made use with what we already had.  I was on guard duty because Miss Jordyn was in a silly mood and kept trying to get her painted finger prints onto the board.  Funny but not funny!!

~so proud of her work!

~so proud of her work!

Tada!!  Our finish project!  Isn't it cute!?!  The girls picked out all the colours and they couldn't wait to put it up in their room =)


While you're tying your spiders to the wreath, you cute helper can paint your wooden sign black.  My 3yr old was so excited to get to paint the sign all by herself since big sisters were at school!