String along...

This past weekend I woke up to bright sunshine.  Not only did the mister let me sleep in, I was awaken by the glare of the sun through my curtains.  Awesome right!!  So with a skip in my step I went down stairs to find a blanket fort in the living room, piles of folded laundry and more sunshine. Saturday was pretty wicked so far~  Since we didn't have plans until later that day I asked the girls what they'd want to do! 

Do you guys want to take a walk? "Nah" says Ava.  Okay, play outside? No reply.  Alright...hmm, wanna make something?!  "Yes!!"  ~So happy these two are always down for making art!  

Here is what we decided to do! 

Super fun and super easy!  Check out how in my DIY Projects link found on my navigation menu or simply click on the picture.

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