"Just start damn it!!"

I must have said this to myself a bazillion times, "Just start damn it!"  For the last 7-8 months I've been wanting to do something that would (regardless of the outcome) fulfill me.  This is my "something".

About 6yrs ago I started a private blog for my family to read now with the encouragement of my friends and the support of my husband and kids I've decided to open a new blog that I can share publicly! This initially is a family blog, but I wish to gradually make this a place for friends and like minded people to freely share their thoughts and creations.  I hope to eventually organize gatherings for creative kinfolks to come together, learn, share and most importantly create.


I admit I've had some apprehensive feelings about starting this blog.  Knowing I'll be judged (obviously~) makes me a little nervous...umm, my writing and grammar ain't gonna be that great (haha!!) and gosh, the vulnerability that comes with opening oneself out there is pretty nerve wrecking don't you think!?  But you know what...we can't let our insecurities stop us!  Na-ah we can't live life worrying who will or will not like us...right?!!  So, I'm just going to enjoy this new blog, chronicle my creations and my family adventures...and gosh darn it have a helluva fun time doing it!!!  

Okay...here goes, press save & publish.