A mother's application

I read a letter this morning in a blog I've been following called Sense of Story.  This website is a community blog lead by 3 mama writers who share snippets and stories about their lives and the joys and trials of Motherhood.  This month the theme is about Balance and this particular entry was about a mother's written letter to herself.  It's a letter confirming her acceptance or rejection into Paradise given to her upon her death. 

After reading this letter it reinforces the importance and my belief to ensure I live a balanced life, a well rounded life, for the greater good of my children's happiness, my partners and most especially for myself!!  ~It's such a great letter that pokes fun at how we as mothers tend to forget there was an "I" before it became a "we" let alone an "us".   


We all struggle to balance family, priorities, friends, love..."being".  And it's very easy to be consumed by wanting to fulfill the needs of others that our own personal goals and pleasures fall silently to the side until theirs have been met first.  (which is when really~)

::There's a line in the letter that reads, "...you missed the opportunity to engage in activities that inspired you..." oh gosh do I want someone to ever say that to me?  Eh, hellz no.  Not now and especially not when the children have grown...and for months and months before starting this blog I've felt the NEED to feel inspired and the need to inspire back.  Hence the birth of Villahaus6 =)

No matter what situation or chapter we are in (in this book called "life), we all deserve to feed whatever it is that makes us happy and strive to do what we really want to do.  What will make us happy will manifest into joy and bring positivity upon all aspects of our life.  As a stay-at-home mum I know I must nurture myself in order to nurture the rest (and also so not to be a biatch)...but I too struggle everyday with the trickiness of juggling the multiple plates in my hands while twisting and bending to not make them all fall~

this is a fraction of what happens while I blog...and I'm totally okay with that =)

this is a fraction of what happens while I blog...and I'm totally okay with that =)

TELL ME...How do you "balance" your life?  What do you do in order to make sure your needs are met?  When was the last time you did something selfish?!

::come along with me and follow the mommies at SENSE OF STORY::