Yogurt coming right up!!

"Don't talk me." Um, excuse me?!  "Don't TALK me mommy."  Stunned I said the first thing that came to my mind, "say please!"

This is what my 3yr old daughter said to me this morning when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast.  Clearly she needed an espresso!!  I asked her what was wrong.  The always helpful 5yr old thought I didn't hear her..."mum, she said she doesn't want you to talk to her." Thank you Ava, I got that. LOL  I was seriously stunned! ...she doesn't want to talk to me?!  But, but why? My baby!!

A night Owl amongst a family of Larks

A night Owl amongst a family of Larks

The 2 older sisters have never said anything like that to me before and one of them is 18 years old.  How did this little person know how to say that?!  If she didn't hear it from her siblings or from her Disney movies, that means she really meant it!  It was kinda funny but I was kinda hurt!  This is yet another remembrance that my children are all so different.  They may live under the same roof but they are each an individual who have their own characters, possess their own opinions and like us are allowed to have their own moods. 

But geez...must you be so rude?!!  Kidding::

Clearly Jordyn is not a morning person...well, not until she has her first bowl of yogurt.