Tea Towels for a cup of milk

Earlier this month I needed a cup of milk to finish my baking.  Kicking myself for not making sure I had enough of what I needed, I was desperate to finish my baking (especially since I've shifted the dry ingredients as well as prepared the wet) ~I looked to my neighbours for help.  I've never done that before, asked my neighbors for a cup of sugar, an egg...actually I've never asked my neighbors for anything!  But I thought, hey, they like me!  We've had them over to our house when Jaxson was born...I'm sure they'll love to help me out, especially since they love watching the parade of children that come out of my house...

So I decided to put my parka on and save the day! (well, save my baking day!)   After knocking at the house on each side of us with no success I was going to give up.  I came back into the house with an empty measuring cup.  Yasmine the teenager was already embarrassed that I could even leave the house looking the way I did.   There has to be a neighbor with milk I can borrow.  "Mum, we're not in the 1980's when they use to do that.  No one borrows milk from a neighbor anymore."  What?!  First off, ofcourse they still do this!!   Right?  Second, why you have to make the 80's sound like it was soOo long ago?! ~okay fine, it was 30+ years ago, what evs.  

Determined to get milk and not waste my ingredients,  I ran to the house across the street and rang the door bell.  I've only met the woman once but I remember her being pleasant. 

Out to prove my daughter wrong, I straighten my pajama pants under my coat, pulled my 5yr daughters pompom toque tighter around my head, smiled and held out my measuring cup.  When she opened the door and saw me she squealed.  I was taken back!  "I've always wanted this to happen to me... to have a neighbor come to me for a cup of sugar or milk!  Come in come in!!"  If you already know me you know I am a sucker for this and love knowing that there is still so much kindness around us.  ~"Oh thank you so much for helping me.  I'm Princess from across the street."  She left for the kitchen before I even had a chance to tell her what I need.  I could hear her opening the fridge and grabbing things out.  She comes back with a sack of milk, a carton of eggs and her sugar canister.  "Me and my husband love that we have a young family as neighbors!  The rest of us are old farts.  It's so refreshing to have you guys around!!  Here take all this!  Do you need vanilla, I have that too!!"  I. Love. Her.

After answering her questions about our kids and talking about how much we loved our area, we decided that we need to meet again soon, chat more and get to know each other over a cup of tea.

Since she came over this morning to set a date I decided to make her a little gift to thank her for helping me out and for just being an awesome neighbor!

Since we're having tea I decided to make her some colourful tea towels.  With her being an interior designer and a person who loves to craft as well, I know she would appreciate this!

finish towel1.JPG

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