April showers bring lots of sickness...

For the past 2 weeks we have all been sick twice over!  Cold, cough, flu, infections, runny noses, lingering fevers...blah.  I am sick of sickness!!

With us being in this house stuck in quarantine for more than a week and me catching the worst flu I've ever had, Easter and Spring preparations where set aside with me getting my entire family back to health at the top of my priority.

But, I can't let Easter pass without making sure the kids know how important this holiday is.  As Catholics we talked about Jesus and his story of how he sacrificed himself for us and how he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.  I also couldn't go without putting up a little Easter decoration before our Easter celebration with family this Sunday!  Once I put these fun Easter Eggs on the wall it immediately lighted up the room and got us all excited for our upcoming festivities!

Click on the picture or go to my DIY Projects for details on how to do these easy fringe Easter Egg wall decorations!