Jordyn Hope

Today, 3 out of 6 of us are sick.  Jaxson is completely stuffed up and such a cranky pants.  I've got the body aches and I too am a cranky pants.  With all 4 of my kids home today there's no room for me to be laying in bed...I warned the crew, mommy is sick and cranky...y'all be in your best behaviour.  Resounding, "OKAY MOMMY!"  Good!

The 3 girls are doing fine, playing together, laughing, singing.  So happy the eldest is home to fetch their snacks and help with their educational workbooks.  I can tackle Major Cranky Pants and keep him calm and happy.

With him not being able to breathe through his nose he had a restless sleep (which also means mommy had a restless sleep too)  By noon he was finally falling asleep.  I whispered talk, "...girls look, Jaxson is falling asleep!  I'm going to put him down in his crib.  We're to be very quiet so he can get rest and feel better because he's sick..."  Jordyn, "ya poor baby right mommy."

YES! Jaxson is asleep and I can curl up on the couch to get a little rest while 2nd and 3rd are playing "rescue me okay now my turn to rescue you".

30mins later, Miss Jordyn asked to go upstairs to get something from her room.  I remind her Jax is upstairs sleeping.  "Be very very quiet."  She continues up the stairs tip toeing even.  Then all of a sudden.  Yelling, "Maaa!!!  Maaaa!!!  Come here!!  I can't find my sword!!! Maaa!!!  Maaa!!!" Bloody hell!  I run upstairs Jax already crying and standing up in his crib.  I take them both down on each arm.  Ava comes over to see the commotion and does a slow turn around with a "oh man you are in trouble" expression on her face.

"Jordyn I told you to be quiet your bother was sleeping.  Look now he's awake and you know he's sick."  Stone face from the little girl.  "Jordyn, you did not listen to mommy.  I told you to be very quiet and now Jaxson is crying because he's still sleepy."  Stone cold face.  "You better apologize to me and Jaxson.  I'm very upset that you didn't listen to me.  Jaxson is upset because you woke him up."  Stone cold face.  "Jordyn you need to apologize or you're not leaving this spot until you do."  Stone cold face.  ~All this time her hair was in front of her face and she's peering through her hair like curtains on a window looking right into my eyes.  Here begins the staring contest.

#1 rule when a child and parent are having a staring contest.  Parent....You. Must. Win.

She finally breaks her stare.  I'm not even upset anymore.  I'm thinking how fricking adorable she looks but also scared at the same time because she's not even budging.  "Are you going to apologize?"  Mommy and Jaxson are still upset at you."  Stone cold face.  Okay find~ 

I look at her...what a little bugger.  The cutest little bugger.  Ava comes over.  She looks at Jordyn and then me.  "She's so cute mommy!"  I don't say a word.  I pull my phone out to take a picture but pretend to call Alan.  "I'm going to call daddy and see what he thinks about you not listening to mommy and waking Jaxson boy (that's what she calls Jaxson)"  Stone cold face still.  She doesn't budge. ~oh boy~  At this point a good 15mins had pass and still same expression.  Same chin down looking up at my face.  Ava's already getting bored and telling her sister to apologize already.  I look at her and shake my head with my eyes closed.  All of a sudden, arms around my waist face buried in my lap.  "I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry.  I listen next time. You no mad at my anymore."  I pulled her up snuggling my face in her neck nook.  She's forgiven...the little bugger.