Repurposed with a purpose!

2 of our favourite repurpose furniture in our home.  ::Read article on my main page

The vintage projection screen is my husband's choice.  He loves the practicality of this cart used in our small gallery kitchen.  I bet you remember using these projection screen in your classroom as a child!

cart 2.JPG

~The repurposed laptop desk below is my pick.  I love how the cast iron legs came from a vintage Singer sewing machine and has been turned into our well loved desk where I write and update my blog.

desk 2.JPG

Doily Love Pt.1

Doilies are usually handmade crochet or knitted patterns using linen or cotton thread.  They are made usually flat and used to be placed on the top of a lady's head or used underneath jewelry boxes or vases to protect the stained wood furniture beneath it.  There is also another technique called tatting that uses durable lace constructed by a string of knots and loops.  Very delicate and intricate designs practiced by young ladies in the 18th & early 19th centuries.  Doilies can have very elegant designed patterns to pretty up a flowered vase while still showing the beautiful wood beneath it or can be colourful fun crocheted flowers made as coasters under your glass of ice tea! 


When we use to live a skip away from St. Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto we would walk down every Sunday to check out the new cool and unique finds.  My teen Yasmine and my 5yr old Ava have collected quite a few doilies during our trips to the market.  Here I took all of Ava's favourite doilies and displayed them in a frame for her to admire in her room. 


Spring is officially 2 1/2 weeks away!  Hope these cute colourful doilies will get her excited for planting flowers in the backyard this year!! 


Down to Brass Tacks

Brass has been making a huge come back, especially last year as interior designer's "Big Trend" to look out for.  The brass I see most favoured by Design magazines and websites have a soft, polished, or hammered finish.  I personally always liked brass and preferred the worn unpolished look the most. I'm not very fond of having to clean maintain them...besides who has the time?!

For the past few years I have accumulated a small collection of brass antique candle holders.  I've found the following candle holders at St. Lawrence Antique Market, Aberfoyle Antique Market and a garage sale.  I like how they all tarnished differently.

-they remind me of all the Jane Austin books and movies I've watched.

-they remind me of all the Jane Austin books and movies I've watched.

Looking around my house now, I'm noticing the little brass details that surround me.  I'm lucky that this house still has some of the original brass door knobs.

-front door

-front door


I recently found a brass piece I've been hunting for.  This large solid brass wall décor is famously called Birds in Flight.  These birds were made famous by an artist named Curtis Jere in the Mid-Century. I don't know who the artist was that made my piece but those details are not very important to me.  I just love how pretty and shiny it looks!  These birds found a new home in the corner of my dining room.  It looks great against my dark blue accent wall.

birds (2).jpg

I found these birds on  I bought them off a Polish lady who purchased it for her first apartment in Toronto in 1968.  Due to the popularity of mid-century décor and the fact that this piece is solid brass, it can easily be sold for more than a hundred dollars.  I purchased this for $20.  I know right!!  Score!